This year the Stoke Traders and Residents Association (STARS) were kindly donated £1,000 by Cllr Kevin Neil. The Village Hub elves jumped into action to bring some Christmas excitement into Stoke Village!

Although we faced many challenges with red-tape (hence no communal Christmas Tree this year!), and we were limited with what we could do due to COVID-19, we hope that what we have provided this year provides a little Christmas cheer through Stoke Village, Plymouth.

The funding has been spent on:

  • The Stoke Village Window Wanderland 2020 (read more about that here)
  • 2x large Christmas banners
  • 10x festive flags (and poles, and holders) for the under-utilised flag holders through the village
  • A ‘Best dressed window’ competition for the businesses through Stoke Village
  • Christmas lights in the STARS planters
  • Comedy drama performances in The Village Hub during the Stoke Village Window Wanderland weekend

We have also ring-fenced the remaining funds for a Christmas tree in a village next year as we’ll have more time to get through the red-tape. With the toilet block being knocked down early 2021, it would be a nice location to have a tree there, and hold “Carols around the Christmas Tree” evenings on the lead up to Christmas.

Although not a huge impact for Stoke Village, the lights, flags, banners, and activities in Stoke throughout the festive period has certainly been a positive start for Christmas in Stoke Village – with bigger things planned for 2021!


Blog post written by Diverse Events CIC