The Village Hub wanted to tackle the tricky issue of food. How we distribute it, why there is so much excess and waste and hoe we can benefit our communities the best by acting as redistribution centres.
Its very much a work of progress and we are learning all the time but so far from our community hub in Stoke Village we have

  • Shopped for neighbours who can’t get out.
  • Bought low cost basic organic veg boxes from a local Cornish supplier Good Earth Growers (link) to redistribute at cost to local people
  • Used pay it forward and donations to purchase additional organic veg to put outside on our pay as you feel shelf.
  • Started a community larder for food swopping and sharing for free through donations of good quality tinned and dried food from local food bank Love Your Neighbour (link), the coop (link), and local people.
  • Built relationships with other local food initiatives run by Devonport Love Your Neighbour and Salvation Army Morice Town
  • Helped a local businessman and cafe organise and promote free meals during half term which resulted in 72 hot and cold meals given to local children

Our plans for the future are to work with another local business to pack 30 luxury hampers for families in need and to continue exploring the trust based relationships that underpin our attitudes to sharing food.

We want to be part of a community that sees food as a way of building stronger relationships so we can all support each other rather than something to dish out to people who have failed in some way to manage their lives.