Art doesn’t have to be arty.

We spent an enjoyable few hours socially distanced carving pumpkins with some local school children.

Our area is quite eclectic – we had the family of a star footballer, a single mum and her 7 year old, Jobiel who has just arrived from Eritrea and was managing to put up with our non existent knowledge of Tigrinya and others.

Pumpkin Carving is also very messy and we managed to get it pretty much everywhere.

But in a time when most of us are stuck behind closed doors, pumpkin carving amongst new friends is almost certainly better than doing it alone.

Whatever the activity, we hope to provide a safe space for all members of our community.

We were also gifted some crafty bags from which they had made up earlier!

We were able to pass these out during half term for some free fun activities. There’s plenty of Grandparents around us who take the role of unpaid carers on a regular basis. They were well pleased at an alternative to the play station.