IN very early Spring before lockdown even started, I decided to make a start on clearing part of the derelict allotment site adjacent to Blockhouse Park, on the steep slopes of the North East, just down from the old demolished Scout Hut.

I started by removing the abandoned tents, groundsheets, clothes and litter which had all been rotting over the Winter months.

Next I started to reclaim the old paths which had become swamped by brambles, first by treading and then by cutting them away.

By the time the Cherry Trees were in blossom others were regularly visiting the site and a rope swing had been created by other locals in the largest tree.

In late Spring I planted wild bluebells donated by Oly amongst the Cherry Trees.

In the summer Karen helped me to naturalise some perennial plants and later donated some heritage Cornish variety Daffodils for the lower terrace.

Recently I planted dozens more bulbs donated by Jo, another Stoke resident.

Karen and I started bulb planting in Stoke Village on a sunny Saturday, refreshing the planters.

Karen tidied them while I planted a couple hundred hyancinths and more than 100 daffodils.

The next weekend we focussed on the tree next to Stoke Christian Centre where we underplanted dozens more heritage daffodils after first generally tidying up the area.

Dez is a local resident who loves being outside in the open air. he likes seeing things grow.