The last few years have really made us connect with nature … we are all growing so why not celebrate this with some friendly competition and show just how amazing our neighbourhood is! So, what’s the plan?



To encourage large and small gardeners, first timers, old and young, individual and communal spaces,  to put forwards any size of space for judging and be proud to be a home grower in Stoke and Morice Town.


To encourage connected resilient community growing and greening of the neighbourhoods of Stoke and Morice Town.

How will this work?

3 categories will be created that community members can apply for. Workshop’s will be offered to help deliver growing advice and build confidence. A panel of judges will review entries in late June early July for announcement of winners.

Categories, applications and judging

Community Spaces

From small to large, parks, back lanes, flats and bus stops, we want to hear from you.

Front Gardens home or business.

Have you got rid of the concrete or just added some pots, shrubs and garden fun … we want to hear from you

Pots, Baskets and Micro Gardens

We can’t all have a big space to plant and that shouldn’t stop your growing. Especially relevant to businesses perhaps? Have you a really cool pot you planted you want to share? Then we want to hear from you.

The Rules

  • Peat free composts only to be used in growing
  • Big brownie points for recycled and upcycled products
  • Be a resident of Stoke or Morice Town or associated with the Village Hub
  • You can be a house, business and everything in-between … its not about how much you spend its about how you create and inspire.

The application

Applicants can apply for one of the categories by taking photos and a small written explanation of the space.

Emailed to

Hosted event evenings will be put on in the lead up to help support and advise applicants. Our resident horticulturalist has a host of tips and tricks for businesses and individuals alike. Think of it as a Gardeners Question Time in The Village Hub.

We will ask everyone to keep sharing posts on social with hashtags #stokeinbloom #moricetowninbloom


Chosen from the local community including award winning horticulturalist Kenny Raybould

Finally, the winners

3 prizes for the winners of each category plus packets of seeds for the first 100 entrants.