One of the things the Village Hub is good at is just saying YES!

So when our local Councillor put us in touch with Josie who was trying to get organic veg into our area we just went along for the ride.

Josie and Sean from arrived bearing gifts and we had a great conversation putting the world to rights whilst showing them the Hub in Process.

As Sean said, “Just think what could be done to solve inner city problems if people simply had the right nutrients and minerals inside them.”

We recognised that many of our communities diets are high in processed foods and veg content is minimal. Our local convenience stores operate a strict distribution policy which means that if items are not purchased they generally don’t come back on the shelves. Great for diminishing waste, but not great if the average consumer buys convenience meals, fizzy drinks, cheap bread and alcohol. We have plenty of these items available……….

Good Earth Growers in a Spirit of sublime generosity gifted us with 10 boxes of basic but lovely organic veg, all the typical ingredients of a good roast dinner which was likely to prove popular in an area like ours.

We popped this veg on an honesty shelf outside, and soon had the most interesting of conversations.

One veg hater returned saying, “I’m a kale man now!” And the landlady of the pub next door said, “These are the best carrots I’ve ever tasted!”

Those 10 boxes turned into 20 boxes the following week which turned into 45 boxes the week after! Most of the boxes are ordered via our Facebook page for just £5 per box (this is the price the grower charges us – the bare minimum to get low cost veg into areas like ours). Some people pay it forward or send us donations which we use to order some extra boxes so we can carry on with the honesty shelf and our epic veg engagement exercise.

“Turnips!” exclaimed one lady out on her daily walk, “Haven’t seen them for years!”.